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Floriani Dream Weave Fusible
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When adding embroidery to your most delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, taffeta, lycra/spandex, chamois, etc. you can experience sheering or shredding. This occurs because the delicate fibers of the fabric are not strong enough to handle the constant needle penetration that occurs while embroidering. By fusing Dream Weave® to the back of the fabric before embroidery, it gives the garment body and the ability to handle heavier embroidery designs without changing the drape of the fabric. Because it is a permanent fuse, Dream Weave® is ideal for lining all types of fabrics in suiting and regular sewing or fuse it over the back of an embroidered design to cover scratchy stitches!

*This product is not a stabilizer; it is an important step to preparing delicate fabrics for embroidery.

Available in several roll sizes iin White & Black.

Customer Reviews

Review by , Jan 05, 2011
Awesome product!
Review by , Dec 30, 2010
Very awesome! I use this on every embroidered t-shirt and hoodie that goes out of my store and also every baby item. Customer satisfaction is very important. People appreciate not itching, when they wear a garment. Thanks for such a product.
Review by , Oct 08, 2010
Floriani Dream Weave is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Love this stuff.
Review by , May 04, 2010
I love it.
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"On a personal note, the Floriani stabilizers are the best on the planet, wonderful results, without the 'worry' of ANY puckering- Thank you!"

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