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Floriani Perfect Stick
Floriani Perfect Stick
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Get rid of those messy, smelly adhesive sprays and sticky papers that gum up needles. With the revolutionary new Perfect Stick, there finally is a true stabilizer that is specifically designed for doing hoopless embroidery!

Perfect Stick is a 1.5-ounce, high fiber tearaway that uses an exclusive, proprietary adhesive that was developed for Floriani Stabilizers. Its lightweight properties prevent it from collecting on the needle and gumming up the machine like many traditional sticky papers are known to do. Also, because it’s a true stabilizer, not paper, stitches have fibers to wrap around resulting in embroidery that is clean, crisp, and true to the original design.

Perfect Stick offers a secure hold while not damaging the fabric. It’s ideal for a wide range of items that are hard to hoop such as baby socks, ties, napkin edges, collars, cuffs, towels, etc. It’s also ideal for delicate fabrics such as velvet that are prone to hoop burn.

Customer Reviews

Review by , Oct 07, 2017
Absolutely love the Floriani Perfect Stick stabilizer. It is the only sticky stabilizer that I have found available that leaves minimal to no residue on the needles of my Babylock multi-needle machines. Easy to work wirh & easy to remove, leaving quality stitching for all of my customers.
Review by , Jan 02, 2015
I love Perfect Stick and too use it exclusively with my Fast Frames on my brother 6 needle ... I would like to suggest that you merge a medium weight/perfect stick. I have some polos that I need to add additional stablizer like dream weave as without it the perfect stick curled.

---------------- A Note From Kayly ----------------

Thanks so much for commenting on Perfect Stick! It truly is a wonderful product to use on your fast frames. Perfect Stick is a Tearaway and tearaways are NOT recommended for use with knits. For the best stitch quality on knits you should fuse one layer of our No Show Nylon Mesh Cutaway to the back of the knit and then stick it down to your Perfect Stick. The cutaway will give the knit the stability it needs to look nice even through launderings.
Review by , Jul 30, 2014
I use Floriani Perfect Stick exclusively on my Pr-650 and my Fast Frames. No gummy build up on needles yet it holds my project securely in place during the embroidery process. I highly recommend Perfect Stick!
Review by , Jul 06, 2013
When I use the sticky back staziliber, I am very careful when I remove the design I run the back edge of an unpicker around the outside edge of the design and the design just pops out. Then I cut a piece of sticky back staziliber about 2 inches bigger than the design and patch it over the hole for the next embroidery. I have found this method works best in the smaller hoops, especially with a basting stitch it sometimes lifts off on the larger hoops
Review by , May 26, 2012
I love it
Review by , Feb 14, 2012
I have used this with my regular hoops but just bought Fast Frames so this will be perfect. Loyal Floriani customer.
Review by , Mar 07, 2011
Review by , Feb 17, 2011
I love this for anything that I don't want to hoop such as fleece or towels. Wonderful! And doesn't gum up needles.
Review by , Feb 01, 2011
Can you say AWESOME!! I love it with my fast frames!! It's the best stabilizer ever(:
Review by , Jan 18, 2011
Love It.
Review by , Dec 14, 2010
I use this with my fast frames...it's wonderful!!
Review by , Nov 05, 2010
Don't know what I would do without this product!
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"On a personal note, the Floriani stabilizers are the best on the planet, wonderful results, without the 'worry' of ANY puckering- Thank you!"

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