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I am having a hard time with caps especially the unstructured type...

Q. I am having a hard time with caps especially the unstructured type. Text is always mangled, and designs with fill stitches are always off and distorted. I've tried cutaway and tearaway backing, Solvy, and slowing down my machine. Please someone help!

A. The issues you seem to be having sound more like a digitizing problem than the right stabilizer. As Walter Floriani taught me, “Digitizing is mastering the art of distortion!”  Especially on a curved, unstructured cap, you are going to have some distortion. If your design looks nice and pretty onscreen, and everything matches up but it sews distorted, you need to adjust the digitizing for the type of fabric and cap you are working on.  Another thing to make sure of is if you have a fill pattern, always make sure it is sewing off grain line. It should never directly on grain line. Even a couple of degrees off is better than none.

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"On a personal note, the Floriani stabilizers are the best on the planet, wonderful results, without the 'worry' of ANY puckering- Thank you!"

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