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Can thread go “bad?”...

Q. Can thread go “bad?” If so, what kind of care and conditions must it be stored in to keep it useable?

A. Thread does not go bad, but rayon and cotton thread will dry out if stored for too long, and this can result in more thread breaks. Rayon and cotton need moisture so if you live in an arid, dry area, you may find this is more of a problem than in a humid area. To rescue dried-out thread, store it in the refrigerator for a few days. This will restore it. Polyester thread does not have this problem.

As far as storage, you never want to store thread up on a wall. It will collect dust and dirt and sunlight will fade the color. You may have mini spools up on display for customers to choose thread colors, but your production thread that is not on the machine should be stored in boxes away from dust and light.

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