Embroidery on Sweater or Cable Knit

  1. Lay the sweater on your ironing surface with all the cables running parallel (wrong side facing out). The sweater needs to be relaxed.
  2. Fuse one layer of Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh Fusible over the area to be embroidered. Use a piece at least one inch larger than the design.
  3. Place one layer of Floriani Wet N Stick Cutaway in the embroidery frame with the adhesive side facing up.
  4. Activate the adhesive with a small amount of water.
  5. Stick the sweater down to the Wet N Stick (the Mesh will be touching the Wet N Stick) and smooth out any wrinkles.
  6. Place one layer of Floriani Wet N Gone (fibrous water soluble) or Floriani Heat N Gone (great for fabric you don't want to get wet) on the surface of the sweater and secure the corners with scotch tape. This will keep the stitches from sinking down into the pile of the sweater once you start stitching. The tape will keep the topping from catching on the presser foot of the machine when you are not watching!
  7. Embroider! Once complete, remove the stabilizer as recommended on the package directions.

    Tip! If the design is unusually dense or oversized, float one layer of Floriani Medium Tearaway under the hoop just before you begin to embroider. This will help to stabilize the extra stitches and keep your embroidery from “cupping” in the knit.